Trump just tweeted again! Only two words! Protests continue to escalate across the United States. Gold prices jumped above 1740 at the open.

On Monday (June 1) showing in the gold market, gold prices jumped opening above the key 1740 mark, Minnesota white police suspected lethal violence law enforcement black man Freud sparked protests continued to upgrade, unrest has spread to more than 70 cities across the United States, at least 40 cities curfew, health experts warned of a protest rally against may lead to more will be coronavirus cases. This trading day, the market focus on the series of PMI data in Europe and the United States, may cause short-term volatility, in addition, the situation in China and the United States is still the key point to track.

Gold prices jumped above 1740 at the open. Protests continued to escalate across the United States

On Monday, June 1, gold prices jumped sharply at the start of trading, briefly breaking the key $1,740 level to a two-week high, and are now hovering near that level as rising protests in the United States fueled risk aversion.

Protests in Minneapolis over the death of a black man by a white police officer in the us state of Minnesota have continued to escalate, spreading to many parts of the us and sparking riots in many parts of the country.

Under intense pressure from public opinion and the public, Minneapolis police fired four officers, one of whom was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

The national association of colored people (naacp) issued a statement saying that ‘decades of systemic racial discrimination have fueled public anger and are at the root of Freud’s tragedy and must focus on correcting it.’

The New York times reported that riots in Minnesota have spread to more than 70 cities across the United States, and at least eight states and Washington, d.c. have mobilized the national guard in response to the demonstrations.

Minnesota already has 4,100 national guard troops deployed, and will soon have 10,800 deployed. In a rare move, the defense department ordered the army to deploy several military police units to Minneapolis.

Nearly 1,400 people have been arrested across the United States during the demonstrations, according to the Associated Press, and police fear that people may have joined the protests not to demonstrate but to commit ACTS of violence and vandalism.

The mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey said a peaceful protest earlier this week had changed its character after people from outside the city joined the rally. Frey says they set up a violent campaign.

Minnesota health secretary Jan Malcolm told reporters earlier this week, “a lot of people are coming from all over the state and all over the country, in droves. This would almost certainly have an impact on the further spread of the novel coronavirus.”

“As we know, mass gatherings do pose a risk in the spread of any pandemic,” Malcolm said. There is no doubt that covid-19 is spreading in our communities today. We just want to remind people gathered together once again of the risks.”

New York governor Andrew Cuomo also expressed concern about the potential spread of the protests, noting that some of them were not wearing face masks.

Maryland governor Larry Hogan echoed those concerns. Hogan told CNN that the gathering of “tens of thousands of people huddled together” could lead to a surge in confirmed covid-19 cases.

Fox reported Sunday that widespread rioting across the country has damaged businesses, led to hundreds of arrests, dozens of injuries and at least three deaths.

Curfews were also imposed in several cities across the United States affected by the violence. About 5,000 members of the national guard have been activated in 15 states and Washington, d.c., as of Monday morning local time, and another 2,000 will be activated if necessary.

Speaking on May 30, President trump said: “we support the rights of peaceful protesters, and we hear their petitions. But what we are seeing on the streets of cities right now has nothing to do with justice or peace.”

Trump called for an accelerated investigation into Freud’s death. He stressed that the U.S. government cannot allow the situation in places like Minneapolis to descend further into anarchy and chaos.

In addition, trump’s latest tweet of the day calls for law and order. Earlier, trump tweeted that “the United States will designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.”

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