UK COVID – 19 cases increased by nearly 1000 in one day! The government has banned people from going out!

On Tuesday (24 March), the department of health (moh) reported a total of 6,650 confirmed COVID 19 cases in the UK, up 967 from the previous day and up more than 17% in a single day. A total of 335 deaths were reported.

British prime minister Boris Johnson canceled his daily briefing on the outbreak in the afternoon and instead delivered a televised address in the evening, media reported. In a televised address, he said Britons must stop all unnecessary outings from that night.

Johnson makes it clear that travel is limited to four categories: shopping for necessities, seeking medical help, limited to one form of outdoor exercise and an “absolutely essential” commute.

Other measures announced that day include a ban on all social events, including weddings; Closing public facilities such as libraries and outdoor sports grounds; Shops selling non-essential goods, such as clothing stores, were closed. Parties with people who do not live together, including relatives and friends, are prohibited; The police have the power to break up the party and to find those who misbehave. The above measures will be valid for three weeks and will be extended as the case may be.

The same day, the foreign and commonwealth affairs department also advised British citizens still traveling overseas to return to the UK as soon as possible if they have flights.

Schools, restaurants, bars and more were closed last week.

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