Unprecedented! Italy 10 from the national closure of the city! France’s first senior minister ‘caught’ by who: a new pneumonia pandemic is likely!

The latest development in the global outbreak of pneumonia. As the number of confirmed cases in Italy surged, the Italian prime minister Jose Manuel Conte announced that the blockade of the Lombardy region would be extended across the country to contain the outbreak. French culture minister Jean-Luc Lester has been identified as infected with a new coronavirus, the country’s first senior minister. Canada has reported its first death from pneumonia. In addition, a ninth state has declared a state of emergency. The world health organization (who) recently announced that the new pneumonia is very likely to become a pandemic.

Italy is to impose a nationwide ban on city closures

Italian prime minister Alvaro Conte announced Thursday night that the city will be closed from Monday to April 3. The city closure, which took effect in the early hours of March 8, was extended nationwide. Radio Russia today called the move “unprecedented”.

In a televised speech on the evening of September 9, Kount said that the closure of the city will be implemented nationwide from October 10 to avoid the further spread of the new pneumonia epidemic. People throughout the country are not allowed to leave their places without permission, except for three special causes: demonstrable work, health, and emergency needs.

The ban also includes the suspension of all sporting events in the country, including the series a league, and the extension of school closures from March 15 to April 3.

Conte said people should not leave their homes except for work and emergencies. He added that all public gatherings would be banned and sporting events suspended. He said the decision was made to protect the country’s most vulnerable people and that the measures would take effect on Tuesday.

“Stay at home,” Conte told reporters.

Schools and universities across the country will be closed until April 3, but public transport will continue, he said. Previously, all schools in the country were scheduled to remain closed until March 15.

Conte said the Italian government felt it was necessary to take drastic measures to prevent new pneumonia from spreading further across the country.

Italian officials had earlier declared a blockade of the Lombardy region, the worst hit in the country by a new bout of pneumonia. The measures were dramatically expanded nationwide after the national death toll rose from 97 to 463.

Italy has been the hardest hit by the new coronavirus in Europe, with at least 9,172 confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. As of Monday, it had the most cases in any country outside China.

According to the latest data released by the ministry of health of Italy at 18:00 local time on March 9, there are 7,985 new coronavirus patients in Italy, 463 of whom have died and 724 have been cured. The total number of confirmed new coronavirus infections in Italy is 9,172, with an increase of 1797 cases and 97 new deaths compared with 18:00 on March 8.

France’s first senior minister caught

French culture minister jean-Luc Lester was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus in tests carried out on 9 September local time, marking the first time a senior French minister has been infected.

The news of Lester’s infection was widely reported. He has also recently held meetings with President Emmanuel macron and a number of senior French ministers and has participated in a number of cultural events.

According to the French government, Lester is not in serious condition. He was tested positive for the new coronavirus on the 9th. It was unclear whether he had been in close contact with other senior French officials during recent cabinet meetings.

Preliminary analysis in the French media suggests that Mr. Lester was infected last week while attending a meeting of the national assembly, the lower house of parliament, after coming into contact with a confirmed pneumonia patient in the assembly. A number of members and staff of the French national assembly have now been confirmed. One of them is in a critical condition and is being treated in hospital.

The number of confirmed cases in France continues to rise rapidly. France had 1412 confirmed cases and 25 deaths as of Tuesday evening, making it the second-worst affected country in Europe after Italy.

The number of confirmed cases in France was 286 on Tuesday, with the emergence of new cluster infections, French health minister Jean-Luc Salomon said at a news conference. He said the number of severe cases had risen to 66, all of whom were being treated in intensive care units.

A state of emergency has been declared in the ninth state

Ohio is in a state of emergency after the state confirmed three cases that tested positive for new crown pneumonia, governor mike Devine said Monday. Eight states have declared a state of emergency because of the new pneumonia outbreak.

A state of emergency would allow states to tap their emergency resources, including mechanisms to mobilize emergency care.

At least 687 new cases of crown pneumonia, including 22 deaths, have been confirmed in the United States as of late Tuesday, according to CNN.

Five U.S. lawmakers who have been in contact with people diagnosed with new pneumonia have decided to isolate themselves or limit their work. Two of them recently attended an event with President Trump.

On Monday, senate republican Susan Collins and Florida’s Matt Gaetz decided to quarantine themselves, becoming the latest lawmakers to do so after learning of contact with someone later diagnosed with the new coronavirus at a meeting of a conservative group.

Collins greeted trump in Atlanta on Friday and appeared with him at the centers for disease control and prevention. Gaetz flew back to Washington with Trump on air force one on Monday.

The New York Times reported Thursday that 70 staff members at Kirkland life care center in Seattle, Washington, were infected with pneumonia.

Mr. Trump has remained optimistic about the domestic outbreak. According to us media, he played golf at a golf club in Florida for several hours on the 7th and 8th.

The Associated Press reported that Trump did not stop his entertainment activities or his campaign as the outbreak spread in the United States.

Asked on March 7 whether the campaign would continue, Mr. Trump said there would be many rallies.

However, medical experts are not so optimistic. Mark Fauci, director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases in the United States, said he did not rule out following Italy’s lead in blocking large areas of the population or even entire cities.

Canada has reported its first death from pneumonia

British Columbia medical officer Bonny Henry confirmed at a press conference Tuesday morning that an elderly man who contracted the new coronavirus died at a local hospital overnight.

This is the first death from a new coronavirus infection in Canada since the outbreak began.

Bonny Henry also announced that the number of new coronavirus infections in the province had risen to 32.

The total number of new coronavirus infections in Canada now stands at 77, including 34 in Ontario, 32 in British Columbia, seven in Alberta and four in Quebec.

Canadian health minister Patty Hajdu said the federal government was reviewing ventilation, protective equipment, and hospital beds across the country as some provinces faced shortages of supplies in response to the new coronavirus.

At a news conference in Ottawa on Monday, Hajdu reported that federal and provincial health ministers had been discussing the response to new pneumonia and that the prime minister and deputy prime minister had recently participated in consultations on the outbreak.

The Spanish region of Madrid closed schools for 15 days

Madrid (Reuters) – Spain said Monday it will close kindergartens, schools, and universities for 15 days because of the outbreak.

The number of new cases of pneumonia in Spain has risen sharply, with the number of cases in Madrid more than doubling, local time said.

A total of 1204 new cases of pneumonia have been confirmed in Spain, according to the latest data released by the ministry of health Wednesday, 205 more than 13 hours ago. 28 people have died and 74 are in critical condition.

The Madrid region is currently the worst affected by the new pneumonia outbreak in Spain, accounting for nearly half of the country’s 578 confirmed cases.

Who: new crown pneumonia is likely to become a pandemic

On March 9, local time, the who held a routine briefing on the new crown pneumonia in Geneva, who director-general tan Desai said that the new crown pneumonia is currently spreading in more than 100 countries and regions, with the number of cases exceeding 100,000, and the threat of new crown pneumonia becoming a pandemic (disease) has become very real.

But he says it will be the first controllable pandemic in history.

Tandesai stressed that decisions made by governments, businesses, communities, families, and individuals can influence the development of the new pneumonia outbreak, and that decisive early action can slow the spread of the virus and prevent infection.

Even if the new pneumonia is declared a pandemic, it is only a matter of time before it can be contained, tan said, calling on countries to do their best to win the battle.

A total of 28,674 new cases of pneumonia have been confirmed outside China, the world health organization (who) said Thursday.

According to the who’s daily outbreak report, the number of newly confirmed cases of pneumonia outside China rose by 3949 to 28,674 as of 10:00 pm CET (17:00 GMT) on Thursday. The number of deaths increased by 202 from the previous day to 686.

Globally, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia increased by 3,994 to 109,578, and the number of deaths increased by 225 to 3,809.

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