Update: six US military f-35s take off from the United Arab Emirates Iran has warned that a third strike could destroy Dubai and Haifa if the US responds

On the morning of January 8, local time, the US military in Iraq “Assad airbase” came under two waves of missile attacks.

Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guard Corps issued a statement saying the attack on the U.S. base was revenge for the death of the commander of the revolutionary guard’s Quds force, Omar Suleiman, in a U.S. airstrike.

On March 3, the US airstrike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad international airport, Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guard corps under the “Quds Force” commander Suleiman and Iraq’s shi ‘ite militia “popular mobilization organization” deputy commander muhandis and other killed in the attack.

At least nine rockets hit the US and allied airbase in western Iraq, a US defense intelligence source told AFP.

The Assad airbase in Iraq’s second-largest and is located near the town of Baghdad, about 110 kilometers west of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province. Assad airbase is by far the largest U.S. military base in Iraq and home to the multinational force of the international coalition against the extremist group Islamic State.

The French news agency said the attack was a “response” by pro-Iranian forces in Iraq to the killing of general Suleiman by us forces.

Later, the White House confirmed that US President Donald Trump had been briefed on the attack on the Assad airbase in Iraq and was closely monitoring the situation while urgently consulting with members of his national security team.

“We will take all necessary steps to protect and defend U.S. personnel, partners and Allies in the region,” the Pentagon said.

Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guard corps (irgc) has confirmed it fired dozens of missiles at the U.S. Assad airbase in Iraq, Iran’s Press TV reported.

Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guard corps also warned the United States that it would face more devastating responses if it launched any attacks, Press TV reported.

DEFCON Warning System, an intelligence group that focuses on the threat of nuclear war, said in a tweet Tuesday that six U.S. f-35s had taken off from the United Arab emirates. “Iran has warned the United Arab emirates that it will be hit if the United States attacks Iran from the United Arab emirates,” the tweet.

The intelligence group DWS later reported that a third military base at Taji had been hit by an Iranian missile. There has been a significant pause in military operations, and three targets have been hit in Iraq, including Al Asad, Taji and the U.S. consulate in Erbil. So far there have been no reports of American casualties. Iran has threatened to escalate its attacks to other countries if the US retaliates.

Iran’s revolutionary guard warned on its radio channel, “the Pentagon report says the United States will respond to an Iranian attack. If the United States responds to the missile strike, it will strike on American soil.”

The irgc said on its radio channel that it would target Dubai in the united Arab emirates and Haifa in Israel in the third wave of attacks if Iranian territory was bombed.

Israel is on high alert for a direct attack from Iran in the next few hours, according to the latest market news.

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