Why has the US become the world’s largest confirmed case so quickly? New media analysis: trump is directly responsible! But here’s the bigger problem!

A total of 85,505 confirmed covid-19 cases and 1,288 deaths have been reported in the us as of 9:31 PM Beijing time on Friday, according to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins university. New York state has 39,125 confirmed cases, making it the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States.

Why did the confirmed COVID 19 cases in the us jump to the top in the world in such a short time? Here’s an analysis from CNN.

The outbreak has hit a grim watershed in the us, where the cumulative number of confirmed cases has now overtaken Italy and China as the country with the most confirmed cases. It was a terrible crisis and an extraordinary failure for President Donald trump. Americans are suffering and dying because of the trump administration’s failure to act quickly and decisively to stop the spread of the virus. Some 1,288 people have died in the United States, and the number is rising fast.

On Thursday, more than 15,000 new covid-19 cases were reported in the United States in a single day — an alarming surge that can be explained both by the spread of the virus and by increased testing after weeks of shortages — bringing the total number of confirmed cases to more than 82,000. By comparison, China has so far reported a total of 81,340 confirmed cases.

There is a fundamental difference between China and the United States in epidemic prevention and control. China has tried to contain the spread of the virus through a lockdown that began in wuhan on January 23 and is being lifted in stages. At present, the number of new cases is only a few dozen a day, and most of them are imported from abroad. However, so far, the epidemic of COVID 19 has not been effectively controlled in the United States. If Mr Trump has his way and eases guidelines on home quarantine before Easter, the us will be unable to stop the epidemic spreading and millions will be infected. Even with aggressive control measures, we could still face an estimated 81,000 deaths by July, according to a new detailed analysis from the university of Washington at Seattle.

The virus may have originated in bats, but this transmission to humans was an unexpected event. The response to the incident was determined by national policies. On Dec. 31, the wuhan government publicly confirmed that it was treating dozens of mysterious new cases of pneumonia. On January 7th officials confirmed that it was caused by a new coronavirus. Japan’s first confirmed case was detected in mid-January, followed by South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States within days.

Then east Asian countries moved in. Many experienced the outbreak of SARS in 2003 and kept public health teams alert to new pandemics. More than two months later, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has surged to more than 250 per million people, well above the level in China, where it is about 57 per million. To put that in perspective, Hong Kong has 60 infections per million people, Taiwan 11, Singapore 117, Japan 11 and South Korea 180.

Trump is directly responsible for America’s inadequate preparedness and failure to respond to COVID 19. Since taking office, Trump has been systematically undermining America’s protective public health system. Under his leadership, the National Security Council’s pandemic division was disbanded in 2018. Trump has sharply reduced the outbreak control teams at the centers for disease control and prevention in 39 countries, including China. When the epidemic hit, trump ignored it, played it down, and repeatedly made false statements. Even now, he is spouting nonsense about restarting the economy before Easter, and public health experts say the threat will last much longer.

Mr. Trump deserves a profound rebuke, but he is not the only reason why the us is in dire straits in the face of this epidemic. America’s for-profit health-care system makes money on the disease, not health. Instead, the United States has a system for the wealthy, rather than a public health system for all Americans, that predicts and controls new pathogens through testing, contact tracing, and isolation.

Across the country, Americans are fighting for their lives, and Mr. Trump appears more intent on rescuing the economy. The United States could still try to contain the virus as east Asian countries did, and in the process save the economy. America needs decisive action in states and cities. So far, America’s governors, mayors and brave front-line health workers have made a difference.

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