Withdraw and deposit


  • One-click to buy coins when depositing money, payment methods are: USD transfer, CNY transfer, USDT transfer, Epay, BTC transfer
  • Withdraw money with one click to sell coins, payment methods are: USD transfer, BTC transfer
  • Deposit——Buy Coin:USD、CNY、USDT、BTC
  • Click on ‘OTC’ to enter the ‘Withdrawal and Deposit’ page.
  • Click ‘Buy Coin’. On the ‘One-click Buy’ page, select the transaction type (spot trade or Forex&CFD, select the type of transaction required to deposit)
  • Select payment method: USD / CNY / USDT / BTC (purchase BTC, select BTC in the currency to the right of the purchase amount)
  • Select the current trading object: USD / CNY can choose the trading object. Click the “Replace” button to change the current trading object.
  • Click ‘Purchase’.
  • USD/CNY/USDT/BTC Transfer
  • Choose payment method,on the ‘Payment’ page, you can view the information of the other party’s receiving account. After remittance or virtual currency withdrawal of the account, save the voucher and upload it on this page.
  • After uploading, click ‘I have paid the payee and guaranteed the authenticity and vaildity the uploaded transacation receipt’, click ‘Submit the transaction receipt’ and wait for the funds to arrive.

Waiting for review

  • After submitting the application, wait for the review. After the successful review, the funds will be received

Deposit completed

  • After the review, the deposit is successful


  • Click ‘Buy Coin’, enter ‘Purchase quantity’ in the ‘One-Click Buy’ page, select the transaction type for the required deposit, select the payment method as ‘Epay’, and click ‘Purchase’.
  • Enter the Epay payment page, follow the prompts to perform the deposit operation, and the funds will be automatically credited after completion.
  • Withdrawal——Sell Coin:USD、BTC
  • Click ‘sell coin’ and go to the ‘one-click sell’ page.
  • Select the trading system for withdrawal, select the currency for sale (USDT / BTC), and enter ‘Sale Quantity’.
  • Add a bank card / wallet address for the first withdrawal. Click ‘Add  bank card / Add the wallet address’to enter the ‘Add payment method’page.
  • Enter your name, bank account, account branch, bank card account number, etc., and click ‘Save’. (After adding, you can’t modify it yourself, Please fill in truly)
  • After adding the bank card or wallet address, select the payment method (USD / BTC) and click ‘Sell USDT / BTC’ to complete the withdrawal application and wait for review.
  • The withdrawal request in the review can be viewed in the ‘In Progress’ list.
  • Once the withdrawal request has been approved, it can be viewed in the ‘Completed’ list.

Picture demonstration steps

sell coin

USD Withdrawal

Confirm withdrawal

Withdrawal completed

  • After the review is passed, the withdrawal is completed.

BTC Withdrawal

 Confirm transfer

wait for review

Withdrawal completed

Deposit/Withdrawal status inquiry

  • Pending Payment: You can view the order that has been applied for deposit but has not yet uploaded the transfer voucher, and you can perform the voucher upload operation or close the operation.
  • In progress: After the deposit or withdrawal is submitted, it is awaiting review and can be viewed in ‘in progress’.
  • Completed: After the deposit or withdrawal is successful, you can view it in ‘Completed’.
  • Cancelled: This page allows you to view all orders that have been cancelled.


  • The transfer can carry out a 1: 1 transfer of the same currency of different trading systems.
  • For example, the USDT currency of the Spot trade can be transferred to the USDT currency of the Forex&CFD.


  • Click ‘exchange’ can convert BTC to USDT in the same system.
  • For example, the BTC currency of Spot trade can be transferred to the USDT currency of Spot trade.